October 18, 2020

Great Coffee Spots - Southern & Northern Surburb

Great Coffee Spots - Southern & Northern Surburb

Southern Suburb

Maxie Coffee

Maxie Coffee is the very first specialty coffeeshop in Kingston with a tremendous passion for delivering delicious and delicate coffee. The best part of this little beverage focused coffeeshop is that they offer wide range of beans sourced from different roasters across Australia! So you get to try different coffees every time – just like some wines. Of course some delish local produced pastries with plenty of gluten free or vegan options are there to boost your day. This also where you can find one of those sourdough doughnuts from the locals’ favourite Lady Hester on Fridays! 


Fika is a cosy little café located on Kingston beach, speialising in patisserie and baked goods accompanied by delicious coffees from Villino Coffee beans. It also has plenty of seats outside for you to sunbathe and get a daily caffeine fix with a great beach view! 

Northern Suburb

 Shake a Leg Jr., Agent Cooper

Shake a Leg Jr. is a Hobart’s local coffee bar  situated in Moonah. If you are in northern suburb, this is the only place you can find delicate locally produced specialty coffees and artisanal pastries together with their sister café, Agent Cooper. They do a delicious seasonal blend that is best when having it with milk. If you ever visit them on Fridays, do check out Friday Doughnuts from Lady Hester, a Tasmania’s favourite sourdough doughnuts! 

Straight Up Coffee Roaster

Located in Moonah, Straight up Coffee Roaster is another coffee roaster that is supplying coffee beans to various coffee shops in Hobart. As the name suggests, they do quality coffees in ‘straight up’ attitude, trying their best to provide perfect cup of coffees and food. You can feel the interactive vibe in the roastery,as soon as you enter,  having a ‘cellar door’ feel. They do have exciting masterclasses and workshops if you are a coffee addict, so do check it out!