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A few words from our baristas

Ah, Floozy Coffee!

We have been getting Floozy coffee both espresso and filter. We run through La Marzocco, Moccamaster, V60 and cold brew and every time, it thumps up from customers as well as our team of baristas. It delivers consistently delicious coffee.

Even decaf is amazing. The flavour is full of sweet notes. A couple of times at the shop, customers who ordered decaf wanted to confirm whether it was decaf or not. It was so good they couldn't tell different.

Kmac, the owner roaster, is an inspired and driven woman in the coffee roasting scene while the coffee roasting industry can be male dominant. It is so great to see Kmac to achieve and support women in coffee including female farm producers.

Their packaging is playful and colourful. It is a bonus point if you are looking for a gift to someone. 

Our friend, Flooz Coffee roasters kindly offer our customer 10% DC voucher.  

All you have to do to place a coffee bean order, click their website link below (not Maxie website). Then, when you do check out, make sure you type MAXIE10 to claim this.

Here is the link of their website. Enjoy delicious coffee!

10% DC voucher code: MAXIE10

Here is more about Floozy Coffee Roasters.

About// Motto

Floozy Coffee Roasters is owned by Kmac and operates out of the café she owns with her partner, Hal, in Newcastle NSW. Floozy began with a dual purpose: to roast delicious coffee and to give women a space to feel comfortable in the coffee roasting scene.

“Floozy is women-centric because that’s what I know and that’s an area that interests me in purchasing green coffee. But Floozy is here for everyone, and here to be enjoyed by everyone.” Kmac

Our goal is simple: select coffee that we love and roast it in a way that will put a smile on your face when you drink it.

It’s important to us to purchase coffee in a way that is fair to everyone along the supply chain. We aim to be transparent with our buying practices, which is why you’ll find information in each listing about who we’re purchasing our coffees through.

To satiate our interest in women in coffee, Floozy has relationships with a number of female coffee producers and we enjoy showcasing them as much as possible. Though we’re still a very small business, as the years have gone on and as we’ve gotten better at purchasing coffee, we’ve been lucky enough the access some amazing lots of female produced coffee that weren’t available to us before. We hope to continually improve in our practices and continue to source coffees that will make your mornings better.