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Ethiopia, Raro Nansebo

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Ethiopia, Raro Nansebo


Tasting Notes: Orange, Apricot and Rosewater

Country: Ethiopia
Woreda (County): Uraga
Kebele (Village): Raro Nansebo
Zone: East Guji
Region: Oromia Regional State (SNNPR)
Altitude: 2,100-2,350m above sea level
Variety: Kudhume
Processing: Uraga Natural Grade 1
Harvesting Period: November-January


In Guji and Gedeo, there is a perennial indigenous tree known for its small fruit size, disease resistance and bearing large numbers of fruit in a consistent way over years. This tree is known as Kudhume and Kurume in Guji and Gedeo respectively. Farmers in those areas associated the morphological characteristics of the indigenous tree with a local landrace coffee variety which exhibits similar characteristics: smaller leaves, disease resistant and smaller fruits produced every year. Due to their common characteristics, the local landrace coffee variety is named after the name of the indigenous tree. Kudhume has a compact canopy and relatively small leaves with new growth that is generally green.

Notable JARC variety selections 74110, 74112, 74148, and 74158 share similar morphological characteristics and could potentially be reclassified as Kurume "type". The coffee is known for its syrup and juicy body and structure with sweet taste, flavours of complex tropical fruit (papaya, mango) and citrus (orange), and floral (jasmine).